Most of us spend our days “Sleepworking.”  If you have a job, or you own your own business, or you’re a stay-at-home parent, or a student, or anything else … Most of us spend each day, each hour just doing what we need to do to get by and not cause waves.

What’s funny is that when it comes to things that really don’t matter in the grand scope of things, sports, T.V. shows, chatting with our friends, we are all there.  In fact we’re animated.  We’re inspired and creative.

Why aren’t we that way with things that matter?  Why aren’t we passionate at work?  Why do we not strategically seek to make our relationships with spouse or children better?  Why don’t we spend time and effort researching to ensure our finances are in order?

I think there are 2 reasons:

  • Fear
  • Lack of Value

We don’t seek to make things better at work because we fear looking dumb, or offending others, or losing our jobs.  We don’t see the value in it.  It’s not worth it because there’s no recognition or reward.

We aren’t strategic with those relationships most close to us because we fear our own shortcomings or starting a bunch of drama, or losing them.  We don’t think it’s worth it because “things will never change” or “it’s too much work.”

We don’t work on our finances because we fear if we see the reality of it, we’ll feel hopeless, or we’re intimidated by the process.  We don’t see the value of it because “I don’t make enough money to worry about it” or “I’m too young to need to think about it” or “I’m too old, it’s too late.”

So the easy thing to do is to sleepwork.  We just put life on auto-pilot pretending that someday things will change.  We live a “risk free” life thinking it will all work out in the end.

The reality is that nothing will change until you change it, and the riskiest thing you can do is go on auto-pilot.  You have to choose to take control of your life.  If you don’t control your life, someone else will.

Choose today to Wake Up!  Decide to Live Intentionally.  Be strategic with your work, relationships and finances.

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